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2018 Dodge Durango SRT Honored by Wards Auto

Recently, Editors from WardsAuto reported that the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT had been awarded a spot on the "Wards 10 Best User Experience List for 2017." The powerhouse SUV earned recognition for its advanced technology features and ease of use, with the paying praise to the SUV's visual elements.

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The Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon is a Heavy Duty Option

For both work and play, the Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon has the power and versatility you need. The Ram Power Wagon 2500 comes standard with a 6.4 liter, 410 horsepower V8 engine and a six-speed, heavy duty automatic transmission. It can handle your boat or trailer with ease and still has the comfort that comes with the RAM trucks such as a touchscreen infotainment system, leather seating, and high-quality materials used around the cabin.What sets the 2500 Power Wagon apart is the sporty, aggressive look. 


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Tips to Help Reduce Vehicle Expenses

If you are looking into different ways to lower expenses, your vehicle costs may be something to consider. If the monthly payment that you have on your car is one of the larger costs you have per month, there may be a way to lower it. There are numerous financing options when it comes to vehicles, and refinancing your car loan may help to reduce the monthly payment. You can also check out different vehicles and find one that can be more friendly towards the budget you have...

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The 2018 Dodge SRT Demon Laughs at Exorcists



Many automakers have tried to one-up Dodge and its potent Hellcat siblings, but with the arrival of the Challenger SRT Demon, it looks like not even an exorcist can put the spirits of the performance netherworld to rest. Packing an upgraded version of the Hellcat’s supercharged HEMI V8, the 840-hp Demon is the most powerful production muscle car in the world. Better yet, it’s 100-percent street legal.

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What to Know About Safe Driving

For a new driver just getting started in their world of driving, this can be an exciting time for them. It can also be a time in their life that is dangerous if they are not observing the needed safety measures while driving. Keeping your eyes on the road can have a massive impact in helping you to remain focused on the road ahead of you.

Before you even start the car, you need to make sure that you have all of the door s locked, your seat belt on and all the mirrors are adjusted correctly. Once you are…
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Commuter Roadside Assistance Tips!

If you commute daily or plan on traveling anytime in the future, it is highly recommended to make sure that you have an emergency road assistance kit with you at all times. They can easily be purchased at your local stores, online or you can make one up yourself.

Jumper cables or a jumper box are one of the number one items to keep in your car just in case your battery dies. Flashlights, batteries and signaling cones will assist you if you breakdown in the dark, you will be able to see and oncoming motorist will be able to…
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Common And Uncommon Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light May Be On

Since there are so many different reasons why your check engine light may turn on it can often be hard to diagnose the problem yourself. Here are some simple reasons why it may be happening as well as some of the bigger issues that may be causing your check engine light to come on.
  • Catalytic converter is damaged and needs replacing
  • The oxygen sensor is faulty and in need of repair
  • The thermostat is not working to regulate the temperature and may need to be replaced
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