Lease End Planning

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at Schaefer & Bierlein.  Our professionals will guide you through the process and prepare you with the information needed to make a successful transition to the next step in your automotive needs.  The best part of our service is, after you've answered the few questions below it's absolutely free regardless of where you signed your lease.

Our process includes:
> Free pre-termination inspection.
> Free personally tailored options review.
> Free professional advice.
> Exclusive offers from our parts and service departments.

·        Start exploring your options early.  Your best decision is an informed decision.

·        Please take the time to answer a few questions so we can start helping you immediately.

1. Who holds your current Lease (ex. Chrysler Financial)?:

2. Can you provide us with your lease account number or your last 8 digits of your VIN (ex. 8n501248):

3. Approximately, what is your monthly payment, or are you driving a single payment lease?:

4. When are you scheduled to turn your lease in?

5. About how many miles have you driven your lease so far?:
    Approximately how many miles are you allowed in your lease?:

Remember, you have options, and if you've been able to give us enough information above we can discuss those when we contact you shortly, but for now please describe your intentions for your current lease.:

Please include any additional comments for our experts to consider.

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